Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 14th & 15th

Been busy on Friday nights at the store with Santa (Yup the big man himself seeing boys and girls)
So far we have had about 220-240 kids thru the store in total over 3 mights with one more night to go
Last night we had our yearly Art Hop, 30 business hosting artists and several had live music I was beat when I left Baker Allegan Studios at 11:00 last night they were the last venue open with artists.
This picture was taken after 9:00 last night. we had felters, painters, pottery people, photographers, weavers, soap makers, lampwork bead makers, and jewelry makers, & woodworkers all set up in this room/shop/gallery
This is a picture of my front store window, Santa and the elves are all animated(working) I bought them at Bronners in Frankenmouth, Michigan, they are the smallest of the commercial animations
Had this chair come into the local refinishing shop, and they wondered how the chair had been rushed,I told them it had to come apart, some how, there was 2 small screws that held it still and had to use a rubber mallet to take it apart.
I redid the seat it was one of those seats that are a pain, the sides angle back pretty sharply so the rush keeps sliding back, so had to tack it every few rounds, I also had to buy a couple new clamps to hold the back side up as when it was taken apart it only had the 2 front legs, my clamps were either to short or long,
now they have the seat to finish and deliver to the customer.
now I have 2 straight forward chairs to cane (hand cane) before Christmas



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