Saturday, October 6, 2012

Been busy, now the shows are over for the year, the last Allegan show the weather was great!

now I have to empty the trailer out, clean up the store where every thing got moved to when the windows were redone and we came back from the antique show,
brothers were down the week ahead of the show and tore out the previous show room windows, and redid them 1 is ready for holloween and the other one is ready for the harvest festivals coming up,
close up of the back of the chair
This is a neat eastlake porch rocking chair that I redid the back on took a little figuring to figure out what type of weave went into the back as there was none in it when it was dropped off, I tried a couple of different options did not like what they looked like and this one looked good. So I did it.
I have been busy listing items on esty for sale and wrapping up packages for orders
 as well as caning chairs
You can always stop by my Esty shop and see what is available
or our main antique hardware site
well I should do this much more often, which I will be

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